Research shows it takes a person 5-7 attempts to quit smoking. But did you know that it's normal to try up to 30 times before succeeding? Remember, if at first you don't succeed, quit and then quit again on Monday!

In Case You Slip Up


You’ve embarked on a brave journey to quit smoking. Maybe you’ve made it through the first few days without a cigarette, riding out cravings and filling your new free time in healthier ways. But then something happened – a rough day at work, an argument with family or a long commute through traffic – and you slipped and smoked. Don’t beat yourself up. You have not failed. You’re far from the end of your journey to being completely smoke-free. Get yourself back on track on Monday and ready to recommit to your quit.

Quitting smoking is different for everyone who tries to do it, but one thing that is very common among quitters is slipping up. It’s normal to relapse 7 to 10 times before quitting for good. Think of a relapse as a hurdle during a race. It certainly gets in the way of your path to the finish line, and you may trip, but it’s in no way the end. Nor is it a forfeit – you haven’t lost anything yet! You just have to get over the hurdle and finish the race. There might even be another hurdle ahead of you. You can get over that, too.

Every time you smoke a cigarette during your quit process is an opportunity to learn about yourself and the best way to quit and stay quit. What triggered you to smoke? How can you avoid it the next time? Don’t feel bad about smoking when you can use the experience as a useful tool. Something didn’t work, so you need to fix it. Identify another method of dealing with cravings and triggers that you haven’t tried. For example, if sipping water or having a healthy snack didn’t fend off a cigarette craving, take a walk instead. Maybe you need to bring in the big guns, like nicotine replacement therapy or a counselor.

The most important thing to remember is that you’re still in the game and are still quitting smoking. Remind yourself how many days you went without a cigarette, and be proud of that achievement. Then aim to add one more week. You may not even feel the need to smoke again. But if you do, accept it as a normal part of your quit journey. It will be imperfect, but it’s your path you can succeed. When Monday comes around, reboot and recommit to your quit. It’s a new week and a new chance to stay quit!


Upcoming Events

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George Washington University's Milken Institute School of Public Health will host its Second Annual Public Health Summit, Monday, October 23, 2017, 2 - 5:15 p.m. EDT, The summit will focus on climate change, gender equality, and antibiotic resistance.  LEARN MORE

Healthy People 2020 is hosting a webinar, Optimizing Birth Outcomes Through Preconception and Interception Health, Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 12:30 - 2 p.m. EDT.  "Participants will learn how Florida's Magnolia Project is improving the health and well-being of women by empowering communities to address medical, behavioral, cultural, and social service needs."  LEARN MORE

Native Fitness Week Training Certification Program - Flagstaff, Arizona - Join the Native American Fitness Council (NAFC) for their fall fitness week!  Fitness is especially important to Native American communities, where the incidence of diabetes and other health problems is disproportionately high. NAFC offers a way for participants to make a real difference through their cost-effective, fitness certifications.  For more information about the program and scholarships CLICK HERE.

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY - The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 2018 Culture of Health Prize call for applications is now open.  it's "an annual competition honoring communities that have placed a priority on health and are creating powerful partnerships and deep commitments to provide everyone with the opportunity to live well.  Prize communities will receive $25,000, have the opportunity to share their story and lessons learned with the country, and join a national network of past winning communities."  DEADLINE NOVEMBER 3LEARN MORE HERE

The Alaska Food Festival & Conference - November 3-4, 2017 - Pikes Waterfront Lodge in Fairbanks, Alaska.  LEARN MORE HERE

Great American Smokeout - November 16, 2017 - LEARN MORE

Community Foods Projects Competitive Grant Program, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture Applications due December 4, 2017 For more information, CLICK HERE

National Institute of Food and Agriculture requests applications for the Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program for fiscal year 2018. The estimated total program funding in fiscal year 2018 is approximately $8,640,000. The Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program funds two types of grants, Community Food Projects and Planning Projects. The primary goals of the Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program are to:

·         Meet the food needs of low-income individuals through food distribution, community outreach to assist in participation in Federally assisted nutrition programs, or improving access to food as part of a comprehensive service;

·         Increase the self-reliance of communities in providing for the food needs of the communities;

·         Promote comprehensive responses to local food access, farm, and nutrition issues; and

·         Meet specific state, local or neighborhood food and agricultural needs including needs relating to: Equipment necessary for the efficient operation of a project; Planning for long-term solutions; or The creation of innovative marketing activities that mutually benefit agricultural producers and low-income consumers.

Eligible applicants include public food program service providers, tribal organizations, or private nonprofit entities, including gleaners.

A webinar will be held on Monday October 16, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time for potential applicants. The Adobe Connect link is:

Full details can be found at:

FUNDING OPPORTUNITY - Public Health Institute is accepting applications for the National Leadership Academy for the Public's Health from teams in the Appalachian and Mid-regions of the United States.  "For communities that are engaged in cross-sector work to improve the public health, this is an opportunity to boost your team's capacity and skills through a community leadership process."  Deadline January 12, 2018 - LEARN MORE