CDC OSH: Effects of E-Cigarette Use on Cigarette Smoking Among U.S. Youth, 2004-2018

Effects of E-Cigarette Use on Cigarette Smoking Among U.S. Youth, 2004-2018

This study sought to determine if the declining trend in U.S. youth cigarette smoking changed after e-cigarettes were introduced, and if youth e-cigarette users would have been likely to smoke cigarettes based on psychosocial and demographic predictors of smoking.  The introduction of e-cigarettes was followed by a slowing decline in current cigarette smoking, a stall in combined cigarette and e-cigarette use, and an accelerated decline in ever cigarette smoking.  Together, these findings indicate that youths’ exposure to nicotine is expanding through the use of new products, thereby contributing to nicotine dependence among youth.  Traditional psychosocial risk factors for cigarette smoking suggest that e-cigarette users do not fit the traditional risk profile of cigarette smokers.

The article is available online at


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