The National Native Network's State Initiative for Tobacco Equity (SITE)

Enhancing state tobacco control efforts with AI/AN populations

The National Native Network (NNN) developed a technical assistance and training initiative for CDC funded State Tobacco Control Departments. This initiative is geared to support and enhance the State’s equity goals and partnerships for improved outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Native populations.

WHO? Ten participating states: AK, AZ, ID, MT, ND, OR, SD, UT, WI, WY

WHEN? November 2021 – September 2022

WHAT? NNN provides to participating State Teams:

- Tailored technical assistance and training plan

- Monthly Affinity Group with interactive virtual peer learning

- State program consultation/ coaching (as needed)

- Connections for local and regional AIANs

- List-serve to share and learn together

- Web page to access resources

WHY? Expected outcomes include:

- Increased collaborations for AIAN equity

- Strengthened relationships with AIAN partners

- Increased knowledge of AIAN cultural protocols

- Increased knowledge of tribal sovereignty

- Increased knowledge of tribal tobacco policy

- Increased knowledge of AIAN data issues

- Increased knowledge of AIAN health systems

- Increased knowledge of AIAN health priorities

- Increased knowledge of media strategies shown to be effective with AIAN

- Increased AIAN use of quitlines in areas of mass reach health communication

- Increased ability to identify evidence-based strategies with AIAN populations

- Increased use of evidence-based strategies with AIAN populations


Kris Rhodes is leading this exciting new NNN initiative and can be reached here:

Kris Rhodes, MPH
Founder & CEO, Asemaake, LLC


Check back for new resources coming soon.