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The Tribal Vaccine Equity Project aims to provide American Indian/Alaska Native communities with the culturally tailored training, resources, education and technical assistance to build vaccine confidence, increase vaccine access and mitigate the disproportionate burden of adverse outcomes from public health threats through the use of vaccinations.

The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan is among six awardees to have received funding from the National Network of Public Health Institutes from January 2021 through July 2023. The Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan utilizes the reach of the National Native Network’s communication channels to reach tribal communities across the U.S. in order to provide training, technical assistance and communications to support local vaccination efforts.

Any vaccine resource or technical assistance suggestions and/or comments can be directed to


Care for Us by Us is a campaign focused on increasing vaccine confidence and uptake of routine adult vaccinations by overcoming barriers and providing fact-based messaging with the use of trusted messengers. The Care for Us by Us campaign provides education resources, ready-to-use social media posts and videos to promote routine adult vaccinations.

Caring for our community is embedded in our culture, and COVID-19 has kept us apart and put our cultures and loved ones at risk for far too long. Now is the time to get back on track.

Contact your tribal health clinic to learn more about getting vaccinated.

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Social Media Toolkit

Download and share vaccination resources with your community

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Healthcare provider resources

Health care providers have been proven to be one of the most trusted sources of information when it comes to receiving vaccine information. Health care providers play a vital role in building confidence in vaccines by being transparent, answering patients' questions and concerns and dispelling misinformation. 

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Motivational Interviewing for Vaccine Hesitancy


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Cardea Training Center:  Drop Your Assumptions and Pick Up the Evidence:  Strategies for Communication with Parents about Vaccines

Recent data suggest that vaccine hesitancy is a growing problem, specifically the number of parents who are opting children out of required school entry immunizations for non-medical reasons. Take this course to learn communication strategies that address the concerns of vaccine hesitant parents.

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Northwest Regional Primary Care Association:  Motivational Interviewing for Vaccine Hesitancy:  Communication Skills to Help Resolve Vaccine Ambivalence & Increase Vaccination Rates (Free, registration required)

Learners will virtually attend a high value, expanded 1-hour introduction on top evidence based communication skills you need to know now. Help vaccine ambivalent patients turn from being hesitant, untrusting and resistant, to among the fully vaccinated in your population.

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How Nurses and Medical Assistants Can Foster a Culture of Immunization in the Practice video

Research shows that healthcare professionals are patients’ most trusted source of information when it comes to vaccines. By highlighting key points before, during, and after a patient’s visit, this presentation will support vaccine conversations and reinforce best practices for improving vaccination coverage.

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Confronting Barriers to Vaccine Acceptance:  The Role of Effective Communication

This course developed by the Region 2 Public Health Training Center (PHTC) in collaboration with Renata Schiavo, Subject Matter Expert, Effective Communication, Community Engagement, and Health Equity, focuses on the role of effective communication in confronting barriers to vaccine acceptance. It discusses root causes of vaccine hesitancy and inequities among different groups and describes the role of effective communication in addressing such root causes, including a focus on equity- and community-driven strategies during COVID-19 and beyond. It also provides an overview of examples, case studies, best practices, and action steps to strengthen local communication systems and promote vaccine acceptance among a variety of groups.


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#HowIRecommend Vaccination Video Tools for HealthCare Providers


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Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines Among Your Patients

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Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Comprehensive information on routinely used vaccines and the diseases they prevent. Chapter 3, discusses essential strategies healthcare professionals can use when talking to patients about vaccines (updated 2020).

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Provider Resources for COVID-19 Vaccine Conversations with Patients

Information for healthcare providers on how to talk to patients about COVID-19 vaccines, including giving strong recommendations, setting expectations about vaccine availability, and preparing to answer likely patient questions.

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"#HowIRecommend" vaccination video series

These videos explain the importance of vaccination, how to effectively address questions from patients about vaccine safety and effectiveness, and how clinicians routinely recommend sameday vaccination for their patients.

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Motivational Interviewing

From Partnership to Advance Tribal Health

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Supplemental Module A. Motivational Interviewing

From UCONN Health - SBIRT Training Academy

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Evaluation of a Vaccine--Communication Tool for Physicians

From NIH National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information

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Building vaccine acceptance through communication and advocacy

From US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

Resources for hosting community vaccine events

The Tribal Vaccine Equity Project provides training, toolkits and resources to be used by tribes, tribal health centers, and community partners to promote and/or host vaccine events and address vaccine hesitancy.

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Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan

Engaging your virtual audience

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Partners in Health & Community Organized Relief Effort

Community Based COVID-19 Vaccination Manual

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

COVID-19 Vaccinations and Testing Toolkit

Vaccine Promotion Resources