Tribal Tobacco Tax Survey

The National Indian Health Board, National Native Network, and Public Health Law Center are collaborating on a series of publications dealing with various aspects of tribal regulation of commercial tobacco products.  Our first publication will focus on the taxation of commercial tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes.  We hope that these publications will be useful for tribal officials and advocates seeking to exercise tribal sovereignty to address the public health problems posed by commercial tobacco products.

Important things to know about this survey:

Your input is important.  The data will be used to assess how Tribes are exercising sovereignty related to commercial tobacco and to develop informational and educational materials on these topics.

The survey takes very little of your time.  It should take most people less than 10 minutes to complete.  This short survey is totally voluntary.  You can choose to skip any question or stop taking the survey at any time.  We are requesting the most knowledgeable person regarding tribal-state agreements and taxes provide answers to this survey.

Your answers are secure and confidential.  Your answers will be anonymous; we cannot identify you by name unless you share that information with us.  No names will be published in reports or other publications using this data unless you give us your permission.  The survey data will be collected and stored in a secure, electronic system managed by MPHI.  At the conclusion of the survey, the data will be securely transferred electronically to only the agencies participating in this project.

This survey will close on Friday, May 6, 2016. We thank you for your commitment to tribal public health!  If you have any questions about this project or about the online survey, please feel free to contact one of us:


Questions about the survey:

Shannon Laing, Michigan Public Health Institute


Questions about the project:

Michael Frieberg, Public Health Law Center


Robert Foley, National Indian Health Board


Questions or technical assistance with tribal tobacco or cancer prevention and control strategies:

Joshua Hudson, National Native Network: