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The mission of the National Native Network is to enhance the quality and performance of public health systems to reduce commercial tobacco-related illnesses and cancer disparities among American Indian and Alaska Native populations.

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About The National Native Network

The National Native Network is a public health resource that serves to decrease commercial tobacco use and cancer health disparities among members of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes across North America.


Traditional and commercial tobacco are different in the way that they are grown and used. Traditional tobacco is and has been used in sacred ways by American Indians for centuries. Its use differs by Tribe and some Tribes do not use traditional tobacco at all.

Traditional Vs. Commercial


Behavioral risk factors associated with cancer are often much higher for the AI/AN population. These include smoking, being overweight, lack of physical activity, and poor diet. Lower cancer screening rates are documented for colon and breast cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Policy CDC says smoking laws, like politics, are local

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Second hand smoke NH rule protects residents from secondhand smoke

CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLE from Healthy Monadnock New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority (NHHFA) recently ruled that all future units built using the state’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit will be required to be 100 percent smoke-free. New Hampshire is one of only five states in the U.S. to have this requirement. This new requirement […]

nnn Most smokers not aware of chemicals they’re inhaling

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nnn Colorectal cancer screening: Estimated future colonoscopy need and current volume and capacity.

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE FROM Colorectal cancer screening: Estimated future colonoscopy need and current volume and capacity. Joseph DA1, Meester RG2, Zauber AG3, Manninen DL4, Winges L4, Dong FB4, Peaker B5, van Ballegooijen M2. Author information 1Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control […]

nnn U.S. healthcare facilities have capacity to meet colorectal cancer screening goals

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Tobacco Smokers May Try to Quit 30 Times Before it Sticks

FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLE by Kathryn Doyle of Reuters HERE Though conventional wisdom says it takes five to seven attempts for most smokers to quit, those estimates may be very low, a recent study suggests. Based on data for more than 1,200 adult smokers in Canada, the real average number of quit attempts before succeeding may […]