ARTICLE: Elevated Colorectal Cancer Incidence Among American Indian/Alaska Native persons in Alaska compared to other populations worldwide

By Donald Haverkamp, Diana Redwood, Elena Roik, Stephen Vindigni, Timothy Thomas

Colorectal cancer (CRC is a leading cancer worldwide; incidence varies greatly by country and racial group.  We compared 2018 American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) CRC incidence rates in Alaska to other Tribal, racial, and international population rates.  AI/AN persons in Alaska had the highest CRC incidence rate among US Tribal and racial groups (61.9/100,000 in 2018).  AI/AN persons in Alaska also had higher rates than those reported for any other country in the world in 2018 except for Hungary, where males had a higher CRC incidence rate than AI/AN males in Alaska (70.6/100,000 and 63.6/100,000 respectively).  This review of CRC incidence rates from populations in the United States worldwide showed that AI/AN persons in Alaska had the highest documented incidence rate of CRC in the world in 2018.  It is important to inform health systems serving AI/AN persons in Alaska about policies and interventions that can support CRC screening to reduce the burden of this disease.



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