Kul Wicasa Wopasi: Food Sovereignty for the Future


From Great Plains Tribal Leaders Health Board

The Kul Wicasa Wopasi Innovator program is an opportunity for 14-18-year-old youth on the Lower Brule Reservation to develop, implement, and complete community-based projects.  A main project being the food sovereignty program which is a part of the garden and farmer’s market.  Other projects to be completed this summer will be a mural in the community and cooking classes.  The main goal of Kul Wicasa Wopasi is making the community a better place for the future.

Good Health and Wellness Community Health Webinar

Kul Wicasa Wopasi:  Food Sovereignty for the Future

Presented by:
Madeline Ryan, Youth Executive Director
Rebecca Kennedy, Program Supporter

May 26, 2022
1 PM Mountain Time



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