US Preventative Services Task Force Recommendation on Cessation

On September 21, 2015, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force posted the final recommendation statement and evidence summary on behavioral and pharmacotherapy interventions for commercial tobacco smoking cessation in adults, including pregnant women—an update to previous 2009 recommendations.
The Task Force recommends that clinicians ask all adults, including pregnant women, about tobacco use, advise them to quit if they do, and provide interventions to help them quit. (Grade A Recommendation)
Specific intervention recommendations:


  • For adults who smoke, including pregnant women, the Task Force recommends behavioral interventions, such as counseling, to help them quit. (Grade A Recommendation)
  • For adults who are not pregnant, the Task Force also recommends U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved smoking cessation medications. (Grade A Recommendation)
  • Importantly, these guidelines uphold the recommendation that combinations of both behavioral interventions and medication are the most effective recommended treatment for non-pregnant adults.
There was not enough evidence for the Task Force to recommend in favor of or against the use of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation in adults, including pregnant women, or in favor of or against the use of medications to help pregnant women stop smoking. More research is needed on these interventions. Fortunately, doctors and other clinicians have a choice of many other interventions they may provide that have been proven to be effective.

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