From the Lungs to the Heart: How Tobacco-related Diseases and Cancers Affect Men’s Health

From SelfMade Health Network

As a member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Consortium of National Networks (Networking2Save) with a shared focus on health equity, cancer, and tobacco-related disparities; specifically among populations with low socioeconomic status (SES) characteristics, we are happy to announce the brand-new release of The Self Made Health Network’s Men’s Health focused resource listed below.

“From the Lungs to the Heart:  How Tobacco-related Diseases and Cancers Affect Men’s Health”

In an effort to reduce cancer disparities impacting populations with low socioeconomic status characteristics (including low-income men/male patients), we hope that sectors nationwide join us as we continue to focus on improving men’s health throughout the year.

Organizations are welcome to share information on how to access this resource rich fact sheet with partners, grantees, other stakeholders, and decision-makers.  And are welcome to feature this information in their respective newsletters or via other communication methods.

This fact sheet along with other SelfMade Health Network (SMHN) fact sheets can be downloaded at any time from their website at:

And by popular demand, access to the supplemental resources along with responses to additional questions submitted during the Questions & Answers session from a previous webinar (shown below) is now available, and can be accessed at anytime.

WD4704 – Examining the Intersection of Cancer Disparities Among Populations with Low Socioeconomic Status (SES) Characteristics (Web on Demand)
TCEO Course Listing:

CE Expiration Date: July 11, 2025
CDC TRAIN Course Listing:


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