MSU to be a tobacco-free campus this fall

MSU to be a tobacco-free campus this fall

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In August 2016, Michigan State University will officially be a tobacco-free campus. The MSU Board of Trustees approved for a tobacco-free campus in 2015 to help ensure that the Spartan community enjoys a healthy lifestyle on campus.

In April 2013, the Office of the Provost Fostering a Healthier Campus Action Team suggested towards a smoke-free campus. Michigan State University’s mission is to help the community live healthier. Below is the official smoke and tobacco-free policy:

“1. No person shall (a) smoke, or (b) otherwise use any product derived from or containing tobacco, on any property governed by the Board of Trustees of Michigan State University.

  1. Products derived from or containing tobacco may not be sold on any property governed by the Board.
  2. No person shall (a) smoke, or (b) otherwise use any product derived from or containing tobacco, in any vehicle owned or leased by the University.
  3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all FDA-approved nicotine replacement therapy products are permitted when used for the purpose of cessation. Other exceptions to this policy may be authorized by the Secretary of the Board pursuant to guidelines issues by the Secretary of the Board.”

Sociology junior Daylon Thomas said he supports the smoking ban.

“If you are off campus, you should be able to do as you feel in your own space, but on campus it should be ban because some people shouldn’t be forced to take in second-hand smoke,” Thomas said.

With the new campus policy starting in August, local businesses have commented on the tobacco free ban. Lisa Foss, store owner of 7-Eleven located on 918 E. Grand River Ave., feels confident that the store will do well despite the new tobacco ban.

“I think its going to impact us but we have other things. We’re a big Slurpee store and big snack store,” Foss said.

Foss said about 90% of 7-Eleven customers are MSU students and faculty.

“In June we will be getting hot foods. Will have pizzas, chicken wings, chicken sandwiches and cheeseburgers that will be made in an oven so they will be fresh. This will hopefully help offset the tobacco ban on campus,” Foss said.

Grant Barnes, a recent MSU graduate, currently works at the Admiral located on 1120 E. Grand River and is concerned about how the policy will affect the store.

“I definitely think sales will decrease amongst college students,” Barnes said. “That is because a lot of our sales are from college students especially that live around here in the frats and houses nearby.”

Nearly half of the customers at Admiral are international students. Due to the new tobacco ban, Barnes said some may fear even buying cigarettes because of the new policy.


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